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Tea Tree Neem Oil soap has incredible properties for our skin! It is an antibacterial and antifungal, soothing and moisturizing, can clear up acne, helping to create naturally glowing smooth skin.

Neem Oil is ideal for acne-prone skin because it can help to soothe irritation and inflammation, clear up pimples and remove bacteria from the surface of the skin that can cause more break-outs. Neem oil contains an aspirin-like compound that helps with acne conditions by ridding the skin of acne-causing bacteria. It also helps reduce redness and inflammation.

This soap is made with cold pressed Neem Oil. I add Rose Kaolin clay for extra cleansing properties and Tea Tree Essential Oil which helps control blemishes without being overly drying for the skin.
- Shea Oil moisturizes well without clogging pores, contains vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E. It provides the extra vitamins, nutrients and protection your skin needs during the cold season and summer time.
- Canola Oil contributes protein and moisturizing qualities in soap.
- Apricot Kernel Oil which is rich in Vitamin A, Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid and exhibits skin softening, moisturizing properties and is therefore recommended for dry skin, irritated or has prematurely aged.

Those who have never used Neem Oil Soap before should be aware that it has a Garlicky odor. Even with Tea Tree essential Oil you can sense this odor. Luckily the smell does not linger after rinsing the Neem oil soap off and drying yourself. But benefits for the skin are worth!
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