About Us

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Hello everyone and welcome to my happy world of natural luxury soaps! I love to surround myself with natural products. That’s why I aspire to made/create/develop my soaps and bath products which are all skin loving and beneficial.

 I enjoy creating my soaps and bath products using natural ingredients and additives. I was born in Russia where people get used to use nature in every possible part of life. Even when I was a teenager (like my daughter now) I liked to read and research information about herbs, oils, vitamins & minerals and their benefits for people. Our skin absorbs whatever it comes in contact with. That is why what we use in our everyday activity is very important. I incorporate my knowledge of nature learned in Russia with soap making skills learned here in America to make my luxury natural soaps with excellent moisturizing properties which are very beneficial to our skin. I like to use minerals, sea clay, goat milk, honey, herbs, extracts, sea salt, etc. and add them to my soap.

Most commercially produced bars contain synthetic lathering agents, artificial colors, and a slew of chemicals which are all not healthy for us. All of our soaps are homemade from finest quality oils, herbs and other natural ingredients, quality fragrances or essential oils. I would love to share my products with my customers and believe all of you will find something special for yourself. I believe you will enjoy my soaps as much as my family, friends, customers and I do.