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This Homemade Palm Oil Free Almond Coconut Chocolate Natural Soap with Moroccan Clay has unisex aroma (warm notes of almonds, coconut  chocolate) and would be a wonderful soap gift for men and women on the upcoming holiday

Moroccan clay contains natural minerals that act as natural detoxifying, nourishing and conditioning elements. Using this soap in the shower every day will help to remove the dirt of the body leaving skin soft and moisturized.

There is a large amount of Olive Oil which is extremely mild and moisturizing while still being very cleansing. Our formula is carefully chosen to be the perfect balance of ingredients that make our creamy lather, leaving your skin silky soft. Olive oil is good for skin cell regeneration.  

This listing is for one bar of about 4.4-4.8 oz each. Each bar of soap is individually packaged and labeled in a craft soap box.
This homemade natural Chocolate Bath Bomb with Cocoa powder and Epsom Salt is a perfect way to relax on chilly evenings. This handmade natural Choco Bath Bomb would be a great gift for Valentine day or any other occasion. 

While you are in the bath, drop one in and treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at home.
Enjoy them alone or with someone you love! 

How to use: Run a warm bath, drop a bath bomb in the water, relax and enjoy!
This Natural Beeswax homemade CHOCOLATE LIP BALM smells delicious - like rich milk chocolate decadently collides with sensational notes of thick, fresh cream and smooth butter. Great mini gift for Valentine Day, gift for teacher, friends or  lip balm favors for baby shower, birthday parties etc.

Treat your lips with all natural with no added preservatives, sweeteners or color beeswax natural Chocolate Lip Balm. This creamy Chocolate Lip Balm soothes and moisturizes lips while leaving behind a delicious flavor and a silky, conditioned feel that is long-lasting and not greasy.

This listing is for one Lip Balm.

Net wt. .15 oz.
This Chocolate Palm Oil Free Soap Bar with Cocoa Butter is made for choco lovers! This handcrafted soap bar contains cocoa powder for color and extra properties. Smells delicious - a delicate blend of milk and dark chocolate with hints of vanilla. This choco soap bar provides a nice creamy moisturizing lather with a strong lingering sweet smell of chocolate. Enriched with Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Castor oil for added moisture. Cocoa Butter is a rich natural moisturizer that leaves skin soft and silky, transforming even the roughest, driest areas into buttery soft skin. Weight of each bar is approx 5.0-5.3 oz. Each bar of soap is individually packaged and labeled in a craft soap box
Chocolate Raspberry Soap has a delicious blend of bittersweet chocolate, raspberry preserves and vanilla cream. Smells divine!

I add Rose Clay and Cocoa Powder for coloring and extra properties. This is a good facial soap and spa treatment for your body as well. A mineral rich soap  will absorb excess oil of the skin without drying, cleans and tones all skin types.

There is large amount of Olive Oil which is extremely mild and moisturizing while still being very cleansing. This formula is carefully chosen to be the perfect balance of ingredients that make a creamy lather, leaving your skin silky soft. 
- Olive oil is good for skin cell regeneration. It has not undergone any processing other than washing, decanting, and filtering. It is high in oleic acid. Good for skin cell regeneration
- Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid.
- Palm oil is the largest natural source of tocotrienol, part of the Vitamin E family
- Castor Oil is rich in fatty acids. Acts as a humectants in soaps.
- Soybean oil helps to hydrate and protects skin cells, replenishes the lipid barrier to help hold in the skins intrinsic moisture while softening dry, chaffed and damaged skin

Weight of each bar is approx 4.1 -4.4 oz. Each bar of soap is individually packaged and labeled in a craft soap box.
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Nourish your body with this Chocolate Whipped Handmade Body Butter Moisturizer. This yummy body cream smells and feels amazing! It is enriched with Botanical extract blend including Aloe Vera extract. Absolutely NO HARSH CHEMICALS - No petroleum - No Parabens - No preservatives. Coconut oil which is rich with many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally. Proteins also contribute to cellular health and tissue repair, along with a wide range of other essential activities within the body. Coconut oil is a great skin softener and helps you do away with dry and hard skin conditions. Has a high moisture retaining capacity so it acts as an excellent moisturizer for your skin. Contains mostly fats, so it acts as an emollient providing a softening and soothing effect. It contains medium chain fatty acids which are absorbed into the skin, where they can be directly utilized for nutrition and energy. This provides all the energy your skin needs to heal and maintain itself Sweet Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E, which are great for skin health. The oil helps maintaining moisture levels of the skin and gets absorbed in a jiffy without blocking the pores. Overall, Sweet Almond oil for skin care helps: Improve the complexion and retaining glow; Moisturize better and deeper; Soothe skin irritation and skin inflammation; Relieve dry and irritated skin; Nourish skin, making it softer and smoother Avocado Oil can also help soothe sunburned skin. Avocado oil contains sterolins, which are natural steroids. They may be effective in boosting collagen production and in treating age spots. With its high level of vitamin E, avocado oil may reduce itching and inflammation of the skin and is also beneficial in softening rough and cracked skin. Now here’s the trick about body butter. It’s best to rub in a light layer of the body butter just after a hot shower while the pores of your skin are still open. It may feel a little greasy just after application, but within minutes it will soak into your skin. The result is soft and glowing skin (not greasy!). Remember that body butter is thick and luscious. A little bit goes a long way! This listing is for one 4 oz all natural Whipped Body Butter.
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